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C.H. Workman Discography

The Letter Song
The Letter Song (duet) – C.H. Workman & Evelyn D'Alroy Open (mp3)
That Would be Lovely
That Would be Lovely – C.H. Workman & Evelyn D'Alroy Open (mp3)
Finale of Act II
Finale of Act II – Lyric Theatre cast Open (mp3)
When I Good Friends
Trial By Jury Open (mp3)
I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General
The Pirates of Penzance Open (mp3)
When I Went to the Bar
Iolanthe Open (mp3)
On a Tree by a River (Tit Willow)
The Mikado Open (mp3)
I've Jibe and Joke
The Yeomen of the Guard Open (mp3)
A Private Buffoon
The Yeomen of the Guard Open (mp3)
First You're Born
Utopia, Limited Open (mp3)
There was a Small Street-arab
The Rose of Persia Open (mp3)
Seek the Spy
Lempriere Pringle and Lyric Theatre Chorus (1911) Open (mp3)
The Girl on the Film selections
The Victor Light Opera Co (1913) Open (mp3)