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Even HerculesEvan Hercules (1934 – 2007)

Born in the little bush town of Boort, Evan aged 12 built his first theatre out of wheat sacks and wooden crates. He studied Fine Arts at Melbourne University, painting & sculpture at RMIT. As an art teacher he learned stage-craft at Ballarat National Theatre. He was awarded a scholarship in 1961 to study stage design at the Slade School London. There he worked with the RSC, solo and with top West End stage designers. He settled in London. Evan was chosen to join a small team of designers for the new BBC 2. He designed dramas, series, operas and kids’ stuff including the original Dr Who. He worked as Art Director/Production Designer on many feature films including Alan Parker’s The Evacuees (1975), Midnight Express (1978), Breaking Glass (1980), Riders in the Storm (1986) and A Prayer for the Dying (1987). With the advice of the UK Theatres Trust he set up the Victoria Theatres Trust in 1995, which ultimately become Theatre Heritage Australia Inc. in 2008.



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