Theatre Heritage Australia


2.30pm, Sunday 15 October 2023: Lex Marinos (SYDNEY EVENT)

2.30pm, Sunday 16 July 2023: Dr Margaret Leask (SYDNEY EVENT)

3.00pm, Saturday 3 June 2023: An Afternoon with John Wood (MELBOURNE EVENT)

3.00pm, Saturday 27 May 2023: 14th THA Annual General Meeting (MELBOURNE EVENT)

6.30pm, Wednesday 22 March 2023: An Evening with Roger Neill (MELBOURNE EVENT)

3.00pm, Saturday 4 February 2023: An Afternoon with Barry Dickins (MELBOURNE EVENT)


Settle in for an afternoon with Executive Director and Co-CEO of Melbourne Theatre Company Sally Noonan and hear stories from her career in leadership.

“Dear Mr Smith …” – the story of Australian theatre in the second half of the 19th Century as told through the correspondence of the men and women who contributed to its development.

You Never Know Where Stories Will Take You: the joys of research, discovery, connections and insight, and the constant question of ‘why are there never enough hours in the day?’!

John Wood has been a part of the Australian entertainment industry for over 40 years earning himself a long list of credits for varied roles on stage and screen.

2023 Theatre Heritage Australia Annual General Meeting

Roger’s new book, The Simonsens of St Kilda, tells the fascinating true story of a family of singers from Melbourne and their pioneering opera company.

Barry Dickins is an award-winning Australian playwright, whose career so far has spanned almost fifty years