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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Guest Speaker: Phil A'Vard

Phil A'Vard, actor, producer, stage manager and long-time director of the Alexander Theatre at Monash University enthralled the audience at the THA 2019 AGM.

 A born showman, Phil's love of the theatre was evident from an early age. Despite studying to be a teacher, he abandoned this (for a time) to work for Garnet H. Carroll at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, as an actor and stage manager. A stellar career followed, in theatre and television, successive positions being gained through chance meetings or phone calls 'out of the blue' seeking help with troubled productions. His work brought him into contact with leading celebrities of the time, from June Bronhill to Marlene Dietrich. Returning to teaching to support his young family (while continuing to work at night in the theatre), by the late 1960s he was engaged by Monash University to head up their newly opened theatre where among other things, he pioneered a long-running children's theatre programme.

Images from Phil's presentation

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