American actress. Née Marie Antoinette Anderson; aka Madame de Navarro. Born 28 July 1859, Sacramento, California, USA. Married Antonio Fernando de Navarro, 1890. Died 29 May 1940, Broadway, Worcestershire, England, aged 80.

On stage in America and England from 1870s. Studied elocution under George Vandenhoff, making first stage appearance in Louisville in 1875. On stage in New York from 1877 and London from 1883. Retired from the stage in 1890 following marriage. Absent from the stage for twenty-seven years, making her re-appearance in 1917 in aid of war charities etc. Wrote two volumes of autobiography: A Few Memories (1890?) and A Few More Memories (1936). Part author of the play The Garden of Allah (1911).

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