Edward Lauri

  • BEATTY, May (1880-1945)

    New Zealand actress & vocalist. Born 4 June 1880, Christchurch, New Zealand. Daughter of George Beatty and Emma --. Sister of Maud Beatty (actress). Married Edward Lauri (actor), 8 December 1908, London, England. Died 1 April 1945, Los Angeles, California, USA.

     On stage in Australia and England from 1890s. Performing in Australia, 1891-1906, 1923-1927, and 1928-1929.

    Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, pages 189, 233.

  • LAURI, Edward (1869-1919)

    English actor. Né Edward James Lowe. Born 1869, London, England. A cousin of George Lauri (actor). Married May Beatty (actress), 8 December 1908, London, England. Died 9 January 1919, London, England.

    On stage in England and Australia. Brought to Australia 1902-1903 by George Musgrove to play in pantomime and musical comedy, notably The Forty Thieves, A Chinese Honeymoon,The Fortume Teller and The Serenade. He paid a return visit to Australia/New Zealand 1904-1906 as a member of George Stephenson’s New English Comedy Company, appearing in The Rose of the Riviera, The Skirt Dancer, The Dandy Doctor, Bill Adams and A Moorish Maid.

    Riley/Hailes Scrapbook, page 255.