Wednesday, 05 October 2022

Edwin Ride

After reading Peter Pinne's two-part article on the Australian musical The Sentimental Bloke, Lisa Ride, the daughter of Edwin Ride (who created the lead role of Bill) sent us the following comments and pictures.

Just read a great account of The Sentimental Bloke that my father Edwin Ride appeared in the early 1960s. I am the daughter of the Canberra marriage.

image0 1Above Josie Lester, my mother who met my father Edwin Ride in Canberra where they were married in 1957

Ride 4a

From the Australian Woman’s Weekly - I am the baby bump! 

Josie divorced Edwin due to the shocking publicity of the affair between my father and the leading lady. My mother refused to allow me to have any contact with him. I met him for the first time when I was 19 years old!

I went on to be a member of the Australian Federal police; the Australian Army Reserve and raised five children. 

I’m in the process of looking for a publisher to help me publish a book.

Lisa Ride

Ride 6

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