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Walter Kirby: Australia’s forgotten Caruso (Part 1)

Frank Van Straten
In the first of a five-part series, FRANK VAN STRATEN delves into the life and times of little-known Australia vocalist Walter Kirby. Walter Kirby featured in The Tatler, 26 February 1898. Photograph by Melba Studios, Melbourne. Trove,…

Keith Petersen: Australian trouper

Peter Stephenson Jones
PETER STEPHENSON JONES offers a personal tribute to funny man Keith Petersen, whose stage antics in pantomimes and musical comedies convulsed audiences at the Tivoli and Princess theatres, but whose name is not as well remembered today. Read more

My Fair Ladies: Exhibition Review

Elisabeth Kumm
Photo by Chris Groenhout. Courtesy of Beleura House & Garden, Mornington. The exhibition of j.c. williamson ltd. costumes at Beleura on the Mornington Peninsula almost didn’t go ahead. Only days before the opening, Melbourne and its…

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Madge Elliot

Thus Far: The story of my life (Part 1)

To coincide with Cyril Ritchard and Madge Elliott’s Australian theatrical tour for J.C. Williamson’s in 1934-36 (having based themselves in London since 1925), Madge Elliott collaborated on a series…

C.H. Workman

C.H. Workman in Australia (Part 1)

Advertising card for Utopia Limited, c.1894. Author’s collection. Singer, comedian and Savoyard C.H. Workman arrived in Australia in 1914 as a member of The Girl in the Taxi company. He spent a total…

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