NOTICE of Special General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a special general meeting of Theatre Heritage Australia Inc. will be held by ZOOM on Saturday 16th October 2021, commencing at 5.00 pm sharp.

The purpose of the Special General Meeting is to consider and vote on two resolutions.

1.0       Changes to Rules

To consider and if thought appropriate adopt the proposed changes to the rules of association as follows:


Resolution 1

That the following new rules be added:

83. Compliance with Minister’s rules
The association must comply with any rules that the Treasury Minister or the Minister for the Arts make to ensure that gifts made to the public fund will only be used for the association’s principal purpose.

84. Notification of Gifts
The association must provide to the Department responsible for the administration of the Register of Cultural Organisations statistical information on the gifts made to the public fund every 6 months.


Resolution 2

That the following existing rules be altered:

12. Annual subscription and fee on joining
In (1) delete whole subsection.
Instead Insert “The annual subscription (if any) is the relevant amount as shall be determined from time to time by committee resolution and is payable in advance on or before 31st December in each year.”

32. Special general meeting
In (1) delete “10% of the total number of members”.
Instead insert “5 members”

34. Proxies
In (4) delete” has approved’. Insert “has not approved”

36. Quorum at general meetings
In (2) delete: “10% of members entitled to vote”.
Instead insert “10 members entitled to vote”

A copy of the current THA Rules can be downloaded here»


2.0       Reasons

The committee has given the following reasons for the proposed changes:

  1. New rules 83 & 84: These are additional clauses requested by ROCO (Register of Cultural Organisations) to achieve registration and to obtain tax deductible status
  2. Rule 12 changes: The existing rule is cumbersome and will cause much delay if subscription fee changes are required. The proposed substitution changes the rule back to the way it was before in our earlier pre 2021 rules.
  3. Rule 34 (4) change: it doesn’t make sense without this insertion.
  4. Rule 32 & 36 changes: the current 10% threshold is unclear and open to interpretation. This will add clarity and certainty to the decision for members.


3.0       Motion

Resolution 1: That the proposed new rules be adopted by the Association.

Proposed: Simon Piening, President
Seconded: Elisabeth Kumm, Secretary

Resolution 2: That the proposed changes to existing rules be adopted by the Association.

Proposed: Simon Piening, President
Seconded: Elisabeth Kumm, Secretary


Only current members of Theatre Heritage Australia are eligible to vote.

Please note – if you wish to attend the Special General Meeting via Zoom, RSVP is required by Monday 11 October 2021

Please RSVP by clicking the link below and completing the online form.

Vote by proxy

PLEASE NOTE: It's very important that as many eligible voters as possible cast their vote. If you are unable to attend the special general meeting on October 16, you are still able to lodge your vote by proxy.

Members are entitled to appoint another member as a proxy by notice supplied to the Secretary no later than 5.00pm Friday 15 October 2021, being 24 hours before the time of the meeting in respect of which the proxy is appointed.

You can use the approved online form to nominate your proxy

Or alternatively, you can download a Proxy Form here»

Theatre Heritage Australia

Special General Meeting

5.00pm, Saturday 16 October 2021

Please RSVP by clicking the link below and completing the online form. If you are attending VIA ZOOM, the link to the ZOOM meeting will only be sent to those who have RSVPd by the closing date. The ZOOM link will be sent on Wednesday 13 October 2021.

Click here to RSVP

You can use the form to indicate whether you will be attending via ZOOM or NOT ATTENDING (ie send apologies). 


The following information is adapted from the ZOOM Frequently Asked Questions page

What is ZOOM?

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How do I join a meeting?

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Do I need an account to use ZOOM?

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Do I need a webcam to join on ZOOM?

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