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2018 Annual General Meeting

If you are coming to the meeting, you may like to print out the below documents and bring them along.   

Notice & Agenda (pdf file, 86 KB)

President's Report (pdf file)

Financial Statement (pdf file, 317 KB)

AGM Minutes 2017 Minutes (pdf file, 84 KB)


If appropriate, you may like to use these forms.

Proxy form (Ms Word file, 27 KB)

Committee nomination (Ms Word file, 44 KB)

Membership Forms

Membership application (pdf file, 69 KB)

Membership application (Ms Word file, 38 KB)

Annual General Meetings

Proxy form (Ms Word file, 27 KB)
Committee nomination (Ms Word file, 44 KB)


Notice & Agenda (pdf file, 86 KB)

Vice President's Report (pdf file, 30 KB)

Financial Statement (pdf file, 317 KB)

AGM 2018 Minutes (pdf file, 101 KB)


Notice & Agenda (pdf file, 84 KB)

President's Report (pdf, 67 KB)

Financial statement (pdf file, 590 KB)

AGM 2017 Minutes (pdf file, 84 KB)


Notice & Agenda (pdf file, 83 KB)

President's Report (pdf file, 63 KB)

Financial statement (pdf file, 502 KB)

AGM 2016 minutes (pdf file, 79 KB)


Notice & agenda (pdf file, 84KB)

President's report (pdf file, 60KB)

Financial statement (pdf file, 445 KB)

AGM 2015 minutes (pdf file, 86KB)


Notice & agenda (pdf file ,84 KB)

President's report (pdf file ,56 KB)

Financials (pdf file, 192 KB)

AGM minutes 2014 (pdf file, 75KB)


Notice & agenda (pdf file, 457 KB) 

President's report (pdf file, 56 KB)

Financials (pdf file, 142 KB)

AGM Minutes 2013 (pdf file, 325 KB)


AGM Minutes 2012 (pdf file, 170 KB)

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